Getting back what we are

Starting just keeping local plants and varieties. Planning to further keep resources, both material and non material.

White round winter melon

An excellent melon variety. Acquired from the Catalan organization Cultures Trobades and already grown 2 years ago in the river soil of Toledo (Kingdom of Spain), this year this Catalan melon variety tries its performance in the silty soil of Cornellà, near the...

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‘Pera de Girona’ tomato

Excellent and very sweet Catalan tomato variety. It is half hollow, but full of flavour. Sown in mid February and planted during the first fortnight of April, it has started to produce such tasty tomatoes in July.

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Ruqutus near Barcelona, june 2019

Ruqutu plants (Capsicum pubescens) being grown near Barcelona. Known as rocoto or locoto, too, they are renowned in Bolivian and Peruan cuisine in dishes like rocoto relleno or along with ceviche.

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White-shelled watermelon

The white watermelon seed I got from Adrià (Ecomercaderet) are growing on. Isolated chilly days are getting scarcer and the watermelon feels it accelerating its growth. The emmergence of weed in this generously fertilized area is being the main problem here. I am...

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There are no onions without the bees

It does not make any sense trying to preserve a vegetal species without knowing about and trying also to preserve other species it depends on. Observing the beginning of the flowering of these 'Berga' variety onion plants I have observed that its main pollinator, at...

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